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Our philosophy

We designed Kayolab for results.

You don’t use acne treatment for the sake of using it – you want to get rid of acne. Our studies show Kayolab’s formula delivers results.

Acne-free life – now and forever.

It’s not about short-term vs. long-term change. It’s about both. You want the change now. And you want it to last.

Does skincare really need a tutorial?

No. Your life is busy as it is. We make skincare so easy you can watch Netflix instead.

Your skin doesn’t care about pretty bottles.

We leave fancy designs for Apple and spend money where it matters the most – active ingredients that eliminate your acne.

Born out of frustration in a dermatologist’s lab...

There seem to be a million products to treat acne -- from LED therapy to harsh topicals to pills -- and even some unconventional advice, like...

"Put some toothpaste on."

“Cut out dairy."

"Just wash your face really REALLY well."

Yet, stubborn adult acne just won’t budge. That’s why over 8 years ago we set on a scientific mission...

Create a more effective acne-fighting formula that works faster -- for all skin types. The result?

Kayolab’s 3-Step Routine with a more effective concentration of active ingredients that removes acne from the deepest layers of your skin and prevents future breakouts -- without irritating sensitive skin.

Unlike many other brands, Kayolab’s acne treatment set comes with only 3 products designed to work in tandem with each other.

This is important because overtreating your skin with too many products can make your acne even worse. Plus, you won’t need to watch tutorials on how to use a skincare routine. We’re that simple.

With Kayolab, what you get is an easy 3-Step Routine that works fast to permanently remove stubborn adult acne so you can enjoy the beautiful glowing skin you want and deserve.

That’s what we believe, effective skincare is all about.

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